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18:22 | Apr 12 | 2013

Women’s plenary session in Tekhtyur village

The session met 105 women from 17 villages of the Megino-Kangalassky region including member of the Union of Women’s Organizations of Yakutia Albina Cherepanova, sociologist Sargylana Kaigorodova, and guests from the Khangalassky region of Yakutia.

The plenum included master classes “One day of a rural woman life” and awarding ceremony. Thus, some outstanding women were awarded with badges of merit “For contributions to the development of family policy in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)” and certificates of the Union of Women’s Organizations of Yakutia.

 During the forum the participants shared information about participation of women’s non-governmental organizations in the electoral campaign-2013, prevention of child abandonment, Ysyakh Olonkho-2013 in the Megino-Kangalasski region, activity of “Sardana” social women’s organization of Tyungyulyu village, creation of the Council of soldiers’ mothers of the Megino-Kangalassky region.

Besides, the participants could get consultations of specialists on issues of health and healthy diet, family planning, hobbies, network marketing, and advice of physiologist, hair stylist and beauty therapist.