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18:06 | Apr 10 | 2013

Lieutenant Governor of Alaska congratulated Anastasia Bozhedonova on her Anniversary

The Lieutenant Governor of the USA most northern state Mead Treadwell in his letter to Anastasia Bozhedonova congratulated her on the 65 anniversary.

It is worth noting that Anastasia Bozhedonova is the Yakutian representative of the Secretariat of the Northern Forum, an Honored education worker and the excellent educator of the State civil service of the RS (Y).

The Lieutenant Governor emphasized a great role of Anastasia’s activity in current positive relations between Yakutia and Alaska.      

In 1992 Anastasia Bozhedonova was appointed the Co-chair of the National Committee of UNESCO; in 1993 she headed the Committee of Family, Women and Demographic Policy under the President of Yakutia; in the same year she established the International Children’s Fund “Children of Sakha-Asia”; in 1999 Decree of the RS (Y) President A. Bozhedonova was appointed the representative of Yakutia in the Secretariat of the Northern Forum in Anchorage (USA).