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18:23 | Apr 09 | 2013

Increase of marriages, births and adoptions in Yakutia

In January and February 2013 the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) registered a total of 7023 acts of civil status. In comparison with the same period of the last year, the amount of acts increased by 431.

 2744 birth acts were drawn up, which is 117 more than last year. 1476 persons died, which is 77 less than at the same period of 2012.

945 couples entered into marriage, it is 104 more than last year. However, 788 couples got divorced, which is 120 more than last year.

830 acts of paternity (127 more) and 65 acts of adoption (19 more) were made ​​up. The Yakuts changed their names more than last year: 175 acts of name change were made up, which is 21 more than in January-February 2012.

The number of large families in the Republic has also increased by 695. For two months 441 family of Yakutia gave birth to the third child, 166 families – to the fourth, 52 families – to the fifth, and 36 families – to the sixth and more in succession.