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15:13 | Mar 20 | 2013

Arctic-megapedia.ru to help in popularization of northern peoples

 The Center of New Informational Technologies of  NEFU represented the work of the arctic multiple-languages web-portal Arctic-megapedia.ru during the international workshop “EALLIN: Youth and reindeer breeding” within the frame of the V meeting of the indigenous peoples of the North.  

The portal comprises information about culture and history of indigenous peoples of the North-East of Russia. There are materials from the expeditions to Kolyma region and the Chukotka Autonomous District, a digital library with unique materials about life of indigenous peoples of the North in the portal. The section “The Yukagirs” maintaining history, culture, way of life and language of Yukagir people, scientific researches and educational video materials in the Yukagir, Russian and English languages is entirely accomplished.