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20:37 | Mar 19 | 2013

Interregional youth forum “Kolyma-2013” to take place in Chersky

The forum will be held on March 22-26.

Representatives of Magadan region, Verkhnekolymsky and Srednekolymsky uluses of Yakutia, as well as Bilibinsky district of Chukotka are planning to visit the forum. Business games, along with tournaments in futsal, volleyball, and chess will be held within the framework of the forum. In addition, Kolyma’s youth will participate in the educational forum “Agriculture in the Northern Districts”. A white bear cub carrying a snowdrop became the symbol of the forum “Kolyma-2013”. The white female bear cub Kolymana, found by “Bear Patrol” on the ice of the East Siberian Sea, is the prototype of the emblem. The young female bear symbolizes the growing generation, while a snowdrop stands for the coming awakening of nature.