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19:01 | Feb 06 | 2013

Resident of Mirninsky ulus may serve life sentence for triple murder

A 55-year old resident of Aikhal village shot his neighbours on the night of February 23rd of 2012. According to the accused, they partied too loud that night.

The accident took place in a two-flat house. That night a 47-year old married couple and a 37-year old husband’s brother were celebrating Defender of the Fatherland Day. They were drinking alcohol and their neighbour could not fall asleep due to the loud noise. That is why the man took his shotgun and went to the neighbours’ flat. On his way there he shot their guard bog. Then it took the accused four shots to kill his neighbours. Following the shooting, the man returned home and called the police.
The Republican public prosecutor's office has filed murder charges against the 55-year old man. He can be sentenced for the period of eight years up to twenty years or life in prison.