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18:38 | Feb 06 | 2013

Residents of Namsky ulus offered to build a water purification plant

Residents of Arbyn and Kebeken villages are worried about the quality of water in the Lena River. They demanded provision of the population with clean drinking water as they have no intention of drinking “faecal waste products of Yakutsk”.

A representative of the Lensk Basin Water Management has informed that the city sewage system is being cleaned non-stop. Additionally, measures for system improvement are being taken and will be completed in 2013. The official has also emphasized that the situation worsens in spring when the snow melts and blends with soil, however, it is under control.
Viktor Afanasiev, the Deputy Minister of Property and Land Relations of Yakutia, stated that the Republican budget does not allow construction of a water purification plant. According to him, the water purification plan exists but requires too much money.