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Yakut phrasebook

ҕ. (e-GHER-de)

Hello. (informal) 
. (doh-ROO-bow)

How are you? 
ҕ? (khay-DAKH-olo-ROGH-ut)

Fine, thank you. 
, үү. (makh-TAL, uch-UG-ey)

What is your name? 
? (ak-UHT-keem-DI-en-NEE ?)

My name is ______ . 
______ . (meen-AAT-uhm _____ .)

Nice to meet you. 
һ. (beel-SIH-iin-EN) – lit. “with acqiantance”

Thank you. 
. (makh-TAL )

Thank you (Response). 
. (ool-LAKH-an-MAKH-tal)

You are welcome. 
өүө өү. (hoe-RUE-oen-NOER-guee )

Excuse me. (getting attention) 
ҥ. (buh-RAS-tuh-GUHN-nuhn )

I am sorry. 
ҥ. (buh-RAS-tuh-GUHN-nuhn)

өүө . (koer-SUOE-khe-DUH-luh )

Good morning. 
Үүө . (oo-TUOE-sar-SUH-ar-DAN-an )

Good afternoon. 
Үүө үү. (oo-TUOE-kun-UN-en)

Good evening. 
Үүө һ. (oo-TUOE-kie-HEN-en )

I do not understand. 
Өөөөү. (oy-DOE-boe-TOOM )

To be continued!