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Khomus: essential part of Yakut culture

Khomus (guimbarde or jew’s-harp) is an ancient musical instrument which appeared 5000 years ago. It is considered to be the same age as the Egyptian Pyramids.

Yakut Khomus is a variety of more popular jew’s-harp. The instrument consists of a fixed base and a flexible reed, that’s why it belongs to the reed instruments. While playing reed is placed in the performer’s mouth as a resonator. The reed vibrates freely due to the articulation and breathing in and out.

Khomus is traditionally made of metal.

Moreover almost all cultural and spectacular events in the Republic, including the Ysyakh holiday, start with the charming khomus sounds, celebrating the beauty of the vast Olonkho Land, the glory of nature and the triumph of life. The khomus melody reflects the unique national culture of the Yakuts.

In June 2011 Yakuts established the Guinness Record in playing khomus. They gathered the biggest in the world khomus ensemble.



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