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16:23 | Jul 07 | 2014

Yakutia ready to attract Chinese investments

 Yakutia is interested in attracting investments from China for both large and smaller scale projects. This was stated by First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Gennady Vadyuhin after presenting the investment potential of Yakutia to the Chinese business community and the media in the Russian Cultural Center in Beijing.

"We are ready to cooperate with major Chinese businesses, as well as small and medium-sized companies. For large capital projects, we can offer transport and energy infrastructure, for small and medium businesses it could be tourism, agriculture, food processing industry," - said Mr. Vadyuhin.

According to him, " we offer to potential partners both specific cooperation projects and preliminary concepts that have not been fully worked out, but they can be brought to the stage should an interested party appear."

Mr. Vadyuhin said Yakutia might open a permanent mission in Harbin.

According to Zheng Shuai, Executive Director of the China Overseas Investment Federation, "In the past, Chinese entrepreneurs knew little about Yakutia. As a result of the increased exchanges between our two countries in the recent years, the Chinese business have learnt about Yakutia's deposits of diamonds, gold and other natural resources, have got better understanding of the investment opportunities in Yakutia. "