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10:19 | May 29 | 2014

Heihe delegation confirms participation in the conference

 The Mayor of Heihe has confirmed the participation of the Heihe People’s Government representatives in the conference and thetraditional holiday Ysyakh of Tuymaada 2014.

The delegation includesFangJiguo, Deputy Mayor of the People’s Government of Heihe, Zhang Jianguo, Head of the Aihui District government of Heihe, Li Guojun, Head of Education Department, Liu Qun, Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Chinese-Russian Friendship, Wang Fujing, Deputy Head of Department for International Exchange and Cooperation, Heihe Institute,Li Yao, Director General of Qingnian tourist company, WangLun,interpreterfrom the Foreign Affairs Office.

In the framework of the Year of Youth Exchanges between the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, in order to strengthen the friendship between the cities of Heihe and Yakutsk, the delegation also includes students and schoolchildren from Heihe, who will have meetings and take part in a joint concert in Yakutsk. The concert program lists playing Chinese musical instruments, demonstration of the tea ceremony, a folk song, Chinese drama, a dance, calligraphy, painting and handicrafts by folk artists, wushu demonstration and so on.