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11:56 | Sep 25 | 2014

ROSCOSMOS surveys in Yakutia

 Specialists of the Russian Federal Space Agency, together with the representatives of republican and municipal authorities are conducting exploratory and environmental surveys in the Aldansky and Olekminsky regions.

According to the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic, environmental work is based on specially developed programs of preventive monitoring for planned booster impact areas.

“Preventive environmental monitoring is an effective mechanism for obtaining objective information on the ecological state of natural environment components and ecosystems as a whole prior to the territories development activities", - explained in the Ministry.

It is also noted that the previously integrated environmental studies were conducted in the Viluysky and Aldansky regions. The measurements showed that the exposure dose rate of gamma radiation was at a level typical for the area and did not exceed 0.08 mcSv/h.

Exceeding content of nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere on the territory of Kyulyakyan in the Vilyuisky region was caused by forest fires in the summer.

However, the water samples in the Viluysky region revealed elevated concentration of iron (up to 7 MPC). The quality of water bodies in the Aldansky and Olekminsky regions answer to the specifications. There is no specific accumulation of elements in soil samples. Excess concentrations of petroleum products in the samples of snow, water and soil have not been identified.