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10:56 | Aug 08 | 2014

Justin Bieberís song scares of the bear attacking a fisherman in Yakutia

 A song by a popular Canadian singer Justin BIEBER has saved life to a fisherman in Yakutia. The song scared off a bear which was about to attack a 43-year-old Russian but failed.

"Justin Bieber might have millions of fans throughout the world but Russian bears do not seem to like his music,” – says The Daily Mail with irony. Used as a ringtone, Justin Bieber’s song saved Igor Vorozhbitsyn’s life: it sounded during a potentially mortal brown bear’s attack when his mobile phone rang.
The 42-year-old hunter was attacked by the brown bear when he was walking towards the river. Right when the bear had started grabbing him, the mobile phone ring made it stop and escape to the forest.
Wildlife experts are sure that it was the ring that scared the bear off: “Something loud and sudden may stop an angry bear, and an energetic tune could be an unexpected sound for the bear.”
Igor Vorozhbitsyn got some severe face and chest wounds but survived. “I had parked my car and was going there,” he says. Suddenly I felt a powerful stab on my back and understood it was a bear. I was very lucky that my phone rang and the bear ran away."
He assumes it was the ringtone that the bear did not like. “I know that many people do not like music like that my granddaughter downloaded it to my phone as a joke,” said the ‘Bieber-saved’ man.
The Internet users made fun of the situation in the comments. In general, their comments used a play of words based on the bear homonymy in English, where the word as a noun means the animal, and as a verb – ‘to stand something’. In fact, The Daily Mail article had a title based on this: "Finally, proof that Justin Bieber is unbearable", reports newsru.com.