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12:47 | Sep 19 | 2014

ALROSA and DTZ-OZGEO united for Zimbabwe diamonds

 The diamond giant ALROSA intends to explore for diamond deposits in Zimbabwe in partnership with Zimbabwean-Russian joint company DTZ-OZGEO. Industry and Trade Minister of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov said that ALROSA and DTZ-OZGEO will conduct reconnaissance throughout Zimbabwe, according to Reuters.

“I would like to note that ALROSA proposed to extend the expert assistance to Zimbabwe in the field of sorting systems, evaluation and implementation of its diamonds,"- said Manturov.

According to him, Moscow is also considering the possibility of joint platinum project in the country's capital city of Harare.

Currently diamonds are mined in southern Zimbabwe by a private company River Ranch, in the central part of Rio Tinto, and on the east of the country in the region of Marange.