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17:29 | Sep 08 | 2014

Foreign investors interested in Yakutia

 During the Diamond Week of Yakutia a number of foreign delegations visited the Republic, they were all interested in investment projects of the region.

August 29 - September 08 eleven representatives of potential investors visited Yakutia. All of them were invited by the Investment Promotion Agency of Sakha (Yakutia). The delegations met with representatives of the Government and business of Yakutia.

Representatives of the Investment Fund "Yongjing" visited South Yakutia, held several meetings in Yakutsk. This business trip resulted in signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Investment Promotion Agency of the RS (Yakutia) and the Investment Fund "Yongjing". The document spells out specific measures to promote cooperation - formation of a working group for the elaboration of investment projects, foundation of a joint bank and mutual fund.

The International Consulting Company "Carat" (Beijing) conducted fruitful talks during the trip to Yakutsk. The Company highlighted most promising areas – foundation of a joint venture with CJSC "Taba" - a pharmaceutical company in Yakutia, participation in formation of the territory of priority socio-economic development “Diamond Valley” and the centralization and the establishment of regulators in the mammoth tusks market. In addition, the Yakut and the Chinese parties have discussed the establishment of the Stone Exchange and participation of representatives of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the International Economic Forum in Beijing in this November.

The Yakut party showed a great interest in the proposal of Head of the Moscow office of "Brilliant Diamond" Jitendra Kumar  to hold Days of  the Yakut diamonds in Arabia. This issue is subject to serious consideration. In addition, the Company expressed a desire to participate in the creation of "The Diamond Valley".