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10:35 | Aug 07 | 2014

Chokurdakh Fish Processing Plant launches freeze-quenching facility

 After experiencing difficult times, Chokurdakh Fish Processing Plant seem to be reviving: just recently, they have launched a facility for freeze-quenching of fish.

Acting head of Yakutia Egor Borisov, when visiting the Fish Plant on 5 August along with the Minister for Agriculture and Food Policy Ivan Sleptsov and Deputy of the local parliament Vladimir Chlenov, was satisfied with the facility.

Director Mikhail Gabyshev, who was appointed recently, over a short period of time has managed to pay off the debts and taxes due, as well as to complete the full range of works on launching the facility. Naturally, reaching the designed capacity is not going to easy, still, the first success is encouraging.

Having seen the technology process, Egor Borisov was satisfied with what he saw. At a meeting organized on spot they discussed the challenges the plant is facing and the ways of overcoming them.

Yakutia Sakha News Agency