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11:09 | Oct 13 | 2014

PREMIERE of "The Nutcracker": Ballet Synergy Breaks Through The Traditional Japanese Restraint

 Saturday night Japan hosted the event, for which 25 Yakutians went on tour to the Land of the Rising Sun.

The first night of the ballet "The Nutcracker" resounded in Japan with great success. Creative union between the Yakutsk Choreographic College and private Toyota Ballet School n.a.Tchaikovsky has once again demonstrated great success.

At the very beginning art patron, ballet figure Suva HITOSHI and professor, journalist Yohei TAKEDA prepared the audience what they would see. Our students behind the scenes were very calm and confident; one could not feel any strong emotions or "jim-jams". They have worked hard, and now they mustered strength to perform, to present their great country and their unique nation.

The atmosphere was very festive and even magic, of course, it's The Nutcracker!

Long before the start we were warned that the Japanese were not very much "clapping" people. So we did not expect anything outstanding. But they have surpassed all our expectations. Oh, how much surpassed! The audience gave a standing ovation. After the performance, Japanese schoolgirls said that they were sold on the ballet!

They are all good friends now, so much rehearsed together and worked ... Both children and teachers.  We hope this creative union "Synergy in ballet" between the Yakut Choreographic College and Tchaikovsky Ballet School of Toyota will continue and give more wonderful projects to the world! Bravo! Well done! Yakutia is proud of you! We wish you continued success!

IA SakhaLife