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11:00 | Oct 06 | 2014

Yakutians became a highlight on the recital of Suva Hitoshi

 October 5 the Hotel Meitetsu Toyota in the city of Toyota (Japan), hosted the grand event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of creative activity of Suva Hitoshi in ballet.

A group of the Yakut Choreographic College n.a. Aksenia and Natalia Poselskayas, which arrived on a tour to Japan at the invitation of Mr. Hitoshi, was invited to the anniversary.

There seemed all artists, intellectuals, creative and bohemian elite of the city have gathered in the banquet hall of a posh hotel.  It was a real high society party, where they served French appetizers and desserts.

Here such events usually take place in the evening, but in Japan a "gala dinner" started at 10 am.

Numerous and certainly eminent friends of Mr. Hitoshi went on stage, bowed, and made ​​a speech in honor of the hero of the occasion. For us it was really exotic to find ourselves in such a place and be among such people, listen to Japanese greetings and "odes".

Finally, when the "turn" reached the Yakutsk guests, 3rd year students of the Yakut Choreographic College Nikolai POPOV, Ivan DYAKONOV and Afanasy MAXIMOV sang two lively pop songs in Yakut. They got storm of applause and even a standing ovation, the Japanese audience whistled with delight and filmed the performance of our guys.

Then the delegation of the Choreographic College presented a gift to Suva Hitoshi – a cap from the horsetail, with the words:

"According to our traditions each distinguished gentleman should have such a head-dress to connect his thoughts with the universe, and that all your dreams come true. Uruy! Aikhal!".

The students of the Ballet School of Toyota, also congratulated Suva Hitoshi and in honor of the teacher, they performed pieces from "Carmen", pas de quatre, Chinese dance, and pas de trois from "The Nutcracker".

By the way, our Yakut boy Artyom Seyalov, who had a birthday too, danced with two Japanese dancers, he turned 15 years old.

Congratulations to Artyom, not everyone can boast of such a birthday present as a performance at the gala evening of ballet known professional, we think great future is reserved for Artyom.

IA SakhaLife