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18:26 | Oct 01 | 2014

Yakut Choreographic College Students go on tour in Japan

 A group of students of the Aksiniya and Natalia Poselskayas Yakut Choreographic College is going on tour in Japan. By special invitation they will perform "The Nutcracker" in which the Yakutians perform solos.


It is worth noting that this project did not come suddenly. The Yakut Choreographic College is actively cooperating with private Tchaikovsky «ToyotaBalletSchool» in the Japanese city of Toyota. There is a signed agreement on cooperation between the two institutions, which really works.

But this trip is special.


These days rehearsals are held twice a day, the students are gaining strength and quickly coming into shape after a long vacation.


Although most of them trained hard in the summer, looking forward to a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. The group consists of the 22 students, artistic director - Honored Artist of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Zinaida Popova and assistant head of the boarding school - Ekaterina Ammosova.


Artistic director Zinaida Popova noted that for the first time in the history of the Choreographic College such a large group of the 22 students goes on tour. She said to her students:"Everything depends upon the way we dance. And it's an honor for our school, and you are interested in visiting Japan yourself, quite closed country, at such young age".


Last rehearsals are going on. Young choreographers are ideologically motivated. A tour of beautiful Japan is ahead of them where young Yakut dancers will represent not only their native republic, but also the jewel of world art - the famous Russian Ballet school.


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