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14:50 | Oct 01 | 2014

KHOMUS Brand of Yakutia

 The Museum and Center of the World Khomus on September 30, 2014 opened the Exhibition “Sprayed with pure silver”.

The Exhibition presents more than 50 unique works from favorite metal of Yakuts: khomuses, Yakut knives, deybiir , national women's jewelry - ilin kebiher necklace, bracelets, brooches, as well as the works of young talented students of the Romanov Yakut Art College and students of the "Precious stones and metals technology" Department of the Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University.

The grand opening was attended by renowned masters -  khomus makers who glorify the Republic in the world: Chөmchөө Uus - Grigory Chemchoev, Myndyr Uus - Roman Gotovtsev, local historian, researcher Bolo Uus - Nikholay Arzhakov, Khomus Uybaan - President of the World Association of khomus and bright representative of the younger generation of masters Egor Klarov- apprentice of Myndyr Uus, the museum workers and the Directorate of the Year of Culture in Russia.  It was so good to see many students and the younger generation at the Exhibition which is one of the eight thousand events carried out within the framework of the Year, the purpose of which is to attach people to spirituality and heritage of our ancestors. The exhibition "Sprayed with pure silver" is a good example of the educational policy of the museum.  

The museum's administration is planning to hold a number of activities within the Year of Culture: a national exhibition Dabayar Uus in November and a concert of khomus players - Hungarians and Magyars.