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14:48 | Sep 26 | 2014

Andrey Borisov: I personally have much to do with culture of Yamschiks

 As Andrey Borisov said, the subject, connected with Russian coachmen, is close to him and has a lot in common with his life. “My grandfather Panteleimon Ilyich Rastorgouev buried in Kytyl-Zhura. He was the first holder of an order, Commander of the Order of Lenin. He studied with Platon Oiunsky and his associates, a veteran of the First World War. And I come from the Khangalassky region, grew up there, and I even saw them, heard them talk. That was in my childhood. The Yamschiks’ culture, it was in our region ", - tells Borisov.


According to him, the yamschiks’ culture is an amazing indicator, a factor of similarity of cultures: Cossack, Yakut and Russian: “The yamschiks were from different parts of Russia. So, they were not lost, not assimilated. Although most of them spoke Yakut. And there not the opposite things happened. These processes are important; they are not yet fully understood”.


Borisov also highlighted another important point: the story staged in the Russian theater of Yakutia was written by Yakut playwright Vasily Haryskhal in Russian. “You see, this is now a rarity. This does not happen often, maybe once in fifty years. I work a lot with Haryskhal, he is very close to me. And here is the story with all the humorous catchphrases, vernacular, written in the original version. In fact, there was Russian culture in Amga, but it was of agricultural type”, - he said.

According to the master, it's his another production for the Russian theater (he directed plays about Vladimir Solovyov, Pyotr Beketov, "Odyssey of the Yakut monk", "Constellation of Maria", "Love is still alive, alive, alive…"). “Of course, Galsworthy, and even Shakespeare are understood and acceptable, but they are not in the general line of the theater”, - said Borisov.