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17:17 | Sep 25 | 2014

Khomus - Strange Sound of Happiness

 The "Zori Film" company  together with its partners - Stefilm (Italy) and Kick Film (Germany) are producing a feature-length documentary “Strange sound of happiness” depicting a musical instrument  of vargan.


“The film is a unique journey from the extreme south of Italy (Sicily) to the north of Russia (Yakutia). The organizers are the Italian Embassy, the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow. Director - Diego Pascal Panarello", - informed the Ministry of Culture and spiritual development of Yakutia.


Filming took place in the Viluy ulus. Director, producer, project author Diego Pascal Panarello and assistant Frederick Weiss were accompanied by Director of the Museum of the world khomus Nikolay Shishigin, Head of information and design department Pavel Alekseyev and senior fellow of the museum Lilia Levina.

In the village of Hampa the film crew visited the House of Culture, and talked to the khomus-players of public association "Dalbar". The meeting was also attended by masters, manufacturers of khomus, there was an exhibition displaying the activities of many generations of khomus-players of Hampa, results, achievements and awards.

Renowned master Ivan Kolodeznikov - Yurung Uus has presented a Yakut khomus, which caused wild delight. After playing a musical instrument, the Italian admitted that he found what he was unconsciously looking for all his life, and finally found his friend - a life partner.

The climax of the filming was a mass khomus-playing in Vilyuisk, which gathered more than 100 residents. Diego charmed the locals so much that they didn’t let him go after filming for quite a long time.

Ffinally, the film is almost complete. Its presentation will be held in Moscow in October-November 2014.